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Shenzhen Cheng Feng Hao Eletronics Co., Ltd( former name:Shenzhen Shenkinhao Electronics CO.,LTD) is one professional custom OEM/ODM telephone manufacturer, which mainly produces telephones, including analog Caller ID Phones, Basic Phones, Classic Phones, Fixed Wiress phone and SIP Phone etc..


To meet the demand of old clients,in 2020 we established hair straightener team and production lines, currently we have 4 models hair straightener for sales successfully. Welcome for consultant.


Cheng Feng Hao was founded in 2003, we believe in "Creation, High-quality, Credit", treating customers as the root of our company. All customers are considered as the same, importance as our employees. Cheng Feng Hao grows up rapidly with her partners in these year. At present we have more than 250 employees and 10 product engineers, integrated R&D, Production, Sales with services. Every year, Our R&D department keeps developing with OEM and ODM to meet customer's requirements and market demands.


We export more than 100,000 units telephones every month for customers all over the world, such as West Europe, Brasil, Agentina, Central America, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, South Africa, New Zealand and so on.


Cheng Feng Hao promises to be a high quality, high efficient, professional and reliable manufacturer. Customers are our VIP, not only we will satisfy your requirements, also we will help you find the products and services you inquire or we don't have. If you are interested in our product or need our help, please tell us via email or telephone. we are looking forward to establishing a long-term business partnership with you. 







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Address: No.2,Xinneng 1st Road,Longhe industrial zone,Longgang town,Longgang district,Shenzhen,518116,China.



Company Address:No.2,Xinneng 1st Road,Longhe industrial zone,Longgang town,Longgang district,Shenzhen,518116,China.
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